Worldwide Women’s Association Recognizes Svetlana Povarga

Svetlana Povarga: Championing Health and Wellness through doTERRA Essential Oils

Svetlana Povarga, a dedicated and skilled doTERRA Certified Essential Oil Specialist and Executive Wellness Advocate, brings her extensive experience and passion for natural health solutions to the forefront of the wellness industry. Leveraging her organizational expertise as an Executive Assistant, Svetlana has propelled her business to new heights, providing effective, natural health solutions to numerous families.

Svetlana holds an Associate’s degree in Multimedia and Digital Design, enhancing her ability to communicate and educate effectively. Over the past year, she has practiced naturopathy and essential oil therapy, earning trust and satisfaction from her clients. Once a skeptic, Svetlana is now a firm believer in the scientifically proven benefits of essential oils for treating various ailments such as headaches, muscle and back pain, stress, viruses, and aiding in weight loss.

Passion for Education and Wellness

Svetlana is fervent about educating people on living healthier lifestyles using essential oils. She conducts classes on the benefits of doTERRA Essential Oils for various health systems, including immune, respiratory, mental well-being, detoxification, and more. She believes essential oils offer a life-changing experience and are among the best natural solutions available, particularly in boosting the immune system.

Educational and Professional Achievements

  • Associate’s Degree in Digital Media Design and Multimedia
  • Basic Life Support Certificate from the American Red Cross
  • Executive Wellness Advocate recognition
  • Essential Oils Specialist Certificate

Svetlana’s commitment to health and wellness, combined with her extensive training and practical experience, positions her as a trusted and influential advocate in the field of essential oils.

For more information about Svetlana Povarga and her work with doTERRA Essential Oils, visit her website at

Connect with Svetlana:

  • Facebook: Svetlana Povarga
  • Instagram: smbsg1
  • TikTok: @smbsg
  • YouTube: smbsg

Contact: Svetlana Povarga Email: Phone: 612-327-5262


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