Worldwide Women’s Association Recognizes Juliana VanLaanen and Samantha Alavi of 2MamaBees



Juliana VanLaanen and Samantha Alavi are the dynamic duo behind 2MamaBees, striving to balance the demands of motherhood while crafting exceptional play experiences. Together, they share the joy of raising eight children and their passion for creating memories through play. 

 Their journey began in their own backyards, where they handcrafted playhouses and other children’s products for their families to enjoy. After two years of gaining recognition on Etsy they launched their own brand of products in late 2021. With an unwavering commitment to every aspect of play, the duo dedicates months to perfecting every detail of their products, driven by a mission to make playtime accessible and enjoyable for parents and children alike. Standing nearly 6 – 9 feet tall, their playhouses are designed to accommodate parents, reflecting their belief that play is best shared as a family.  

 What sets 2MamaBees apart is their dedication to quality craftsmanship. Proudly manufactured in America by skilled second-generation Amish artisans, each piece receives the personal touch of multiple hands, ensuring unparalleled quality and longevity. Beyond mere toys, their creations are heirloom pieces crafted to be treasured and passed down through generations. 

 2MamaBees commitment extends to incorporating sensory play, motor development, and environmental consciousness into their designs. From clickable stove handles to turnable faucet knobs and wooden play food that can be cut in half; every detail is thoughtfully crafted to enhance the play experience. Even their window boxes serve a dual purpose, allowing children to plant real flowers or herbs, fostering a connection to nature. 

 2MamaBees continues to innovate, creating play experiences that engage, inspire, and endure, enriching the lives of families everywhere. 


International Women Entrepreneur Award – Top International Women Entrepreneurs of the Year 2024 in the Category Manufacturing  

Gold American Business Award – Startup of the Year – Consumer Product Category 

Silver American Business Award – Women in Business – Startup of the Year – Consumer Product Category  

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