The Worldwide Women’s Association Recognizes Shery Saeed



Shery Saeed – CEO Advisor and Executive Coach

Shery Saeed is a distinguished CEO advisor and executive coach, leading her own consultancy, Shery Saeed, LLC. With a passion for guiding CEOs through personal and professional reinvention journeys, Shery has become a pivotal figure in driving corporate transformations. Her adeptness in identifying organizational needs, spotting opportunities, and crafting creative solutions sets her apart as a trusted advisor in the business world.

Shery’s academic foundation is grounded in a Bachelor’s degree in Physics, showcasing her analytical mindset and problem-solving skills. Her journey continued with a significant milestone as a Deming Scholar, earning an MBA in Business Transformation. This academic achievement laid the groundwork for her future success as a leader in organizational change.

Shery’s professional trajectory took flight at American Express, where she initially applied her skills in the reengineering department. Her career progressed to a pivotal role in business transformation at Bear Stearns, where she spearheaded the transformation program management office. Her contributions played a crucial role in shaping and executing transformative initiatives within the organization.

Beyond her corporate roles, Shery Saeed has dedicated her expertise to various boards and volunteer initiatives. She has served on boards for Network 20/20, the Financial Women Association, and Horizon Condominiums, showcasing her commitment to community and industry involvement. Shery’s volunteer work extends to Score Small Business Mentors and NUMA Accelerator, further solidifying her reputation as a versatile advisor and catalyst for change.

Shery’s unique combination of educational background, hands-on experience in business transformation, and her commitment to community service positions her as a valuable resource for CEOs navigating the complexities of leadership and organizational change. As the CEO advisor and executive coach for Shery Saeed, LLC, she continues to make a lasting impact on individuals and organizations seeking growth and reinvention.

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