The Worldwide Women’s Association Recognizes Tracy Brandt

In her profession for more than 30 years, Tracy Brandt is currently CEO of Soul Swag []. Soul Swag, LLC passionately supports Rising Lotus Children’s Village (RLCV) [www.risinglotuschildrensvillage], a safe home since 2005 for orphans and disadvantaged children in Nepal. In addition to providing complete care for orphans, RLCV offers hope of escaping the cycle of poverty through a rigorous and quality education program.
Rising Lotus is a bright Children’s Village, nestled in the town of Kirtipur, located outside Kathmandu in the nation of Nepal where the company provides a home, a quality education, and caring support to orphan children, ages 5-18. With Tracy at the helm, the children there are living lives they never dreamed possible. Tracy started the non-profit in Nepal when she was in her twenties. She recently found herself in a place where she had to figure out a way to support all of the children in her care. She traveled to Nepal five times to try and set up a company that would benefit the locals as well as the orphans at Rising Lotus by selling bags to trade show associations.
Tracy has worked in this industry for over 15 years and maintained many contacts, so her prior experience was highly valuable to her new efforts. After two years of set up, earthquakes shook Nepal. Tracy was back to square one and completely devastated in so many ways. Never giving up, with the children in mind, she wound up finding a partner who has been in marketing and advertising promotional items for many years. They were a perfect match, and launched Soul Swag. She believes that their combined of over 50 years experience in the business world will benefit many people around the world.
Tracy is very determined and was prompted by her desperation and desire to succeed. At this stage in her career, Tracy hopes to network with other like-minded professionals and share her level of expertise. In the next few years Tracy is planning to continue to grow, help whomever she can, raise awareness, and stay relevant and connected.
She is a member of the Chamber of Commerce, and in her spare time enjoys travel, hiking, seeing live music and experiencing the great outdoors. She holds a master’s in Public Policy and Administration and Non-Profit Administration from the University of Maine, Orono. Her bachelor’s is in Psychology and Business Administration via the University of Vermont. She resides in Orlando, Florida.
Worldwide Women’s Association Member Tracy Brandt, MPA can be found in the Association Directory, where she is looking forward to networking with you.
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