The Worldwide Women’s Association Recognizes Member, Renata von Muhlen


With over 22 years of experience in her field, Renata von Muhlen is a Tax Lawyer at Muhlen & Garcia Adv Assoc S/S, where she meets with clients who are filing taxes and helps them get the most money with the least financial impact. She is a pro-active woman who looks forward to get the best for her clients, planning and suggesting the right way to improve the business in Brazil.  Renata is also a professor teaching taxation and research at the Brazilian College of Taxation.
Renata holds her Master’s degree in Law from Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul which she obtained in 2006. Beyond that, Renata is a Specialist in Tax Law, title conferred by Brazilian Association of Tax Law.  Also a prolific writer, she has had many publications regarding taxation published throughout her career and she has an additional publication coming out this year. Moving forward, she plans to continue working in the same industry and teaching others. When not engaged with work, Renata enjoys traveling and reading.
Renata von Muhlen