The Worldwide Women’s Association Recognizes Cheryl Odom

Cheryl Odom is the owner and principal management consultant of TCMA SOCIALMEDIA GROUP. Her business consists of managing the day-to-day social media frenzy for her clients as she helps small-to-medium-sized business owners with all their social media needs. Her clients’ posts never stop, her audience never sleeps, and the engagements just keep on flowing. She manages all data across all platform levels. From development to posting on Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites, she helps clients get their business up to speed with ever-changing technology to increase overall business performance and revenues, and she assists business owners who are overwhelmed with managing social media.
Cheryl helps attract new clients with personal branding. She has developed strategies in business, in social media, in hiring, and in recruiting professionals for more than a decade. She is a dynamic, innovative trendsetter who has turned her passion into an opportunity in order to help others grow their business and stay connected. She has built a solid reputation in the industry based on her open and honest communication and unwavering integrity that is sought after by her ever-growing clientele. She knows businesses don’t have time to play the social media game, as they are too busy running their day-to-day business operations, so she appreciates and supports advancing business women and networking to keep moving forward and upward to their destiny.
In addition to being a social media expert, she enjoys writing in her spare time and is a published author. Cheryl’s book, A Web of Lies, focuses on the deception and lure of online dating. She holds an associates degree in Business and Marketing from Blackhawk Technical Institute, and resides in Memphis, Tennessee.
The Worldwide Women’s Association Member Cheryl Odom can be found on the Association Directory, where she is looking forward to networking with you.
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