The Worldwide Women’s Association Recognizes Aviva Friedman


Aviva Friedman is the Founder and Owner of A.M. Friedman LTD., where she is a Private Therapist. She founded the practice in 1990, and specializes in Solution-focused Consultation for individual patients, couples and families. She helps improve patient management of setbacks, hardships and blocked feelings, and provides many methodologies for patient care.

Aviva was also a supervising organizational consultant for the Ministry of Education Headquarters, Jerusalem, and kept working as a personal coach and organizational consultant to managers in large public organizations as well as for the private sector. She is also a mediator in collaboration with leading Law firms.

With over 25 years of experience in her career, Aviva is best known for her expertise in helping confused young adults, Career building, Crisis Innervation and women Empowerment in an Integrative perspective. In addition to her practice, she is Vice President of the Israel Association for Dynamic Positive Psychology, where she is responsible for the organizational counseling and career development, and family and couples therapy.

Aviva began her professional career as an organizational consultant for national governmental bureaus. Facing consulting challenges with normative adults who looked for excellent organizational solutions and less of long processes dysfunctions oriented. This changed her conceptual and academic approach by building a positive diagnosis, Strength based framework and empowering the organizational community. She realized that people wanted eye-catching, result- focused, brief sessions and workshops.  She gained her BA in Psychology and Social Psychology (without thesis) from Bar-Ilan University, Ramat-Gan, where she also studied short-term therapies methods in the School of Social Work, where she learned the tools that enabled her to provide adapted solutions. Gradually, she acquired a holistic approach, and began to specialize in Integrative Intervention approaches for 5 years. Since then she has been familiar with Humanistic approaches. Aviva is a licensed family and couples therapist (R.A. 2026).

Aviva went on to complete doctoral studies at Middlesex University in London. She is a member of the British Psychological Association (R.A. 447157) and a member of the Special Group for Coaching Psychology. She is currently a Ph.D. Candidate at Middlesex. She has also achieved psychology coaching diploma studies from the School of Social Work, Advance Studies, Bar Ilan University, Ramat Gan, Israel, and is a Certified Coach by the IACP, the Israeli Association for Coaching Psychology (R.A. No. 580515880) and Certified Coach by the ISCP, and the International Society for Coaching Psychology.

In her doctoral research, she came across a phenomenon she called “Sticky Floor“, a phenomenon in which young, educated, financially motivated women are preventing themselves from vertical advancement because of fears, prejudices and pressures. She began to take interest in this challenge because most of the participants in her study were women from different socio-demographic segments of the population, the female issue rose in a bouncy way.

She is deepening the tracking of this phenomena as part of her PhD thesis.  It is an important mission to deal with the challenges of postmodern women’s lives both in terms of personal and career choices and identity. Aviva feels that it is in her power to pave new ideas and framework to promote women in leadership, happiness and success. For example, changing the ‘traditional way’ to perceive maternity leave and the prospect of this time serving as a lever for career change, rather than a loss of identity. She looks forward to presenting and sharing her own work and thoughts, and to take part in the careers and personal lives of other women.

Worldwide Women’s Association Member, Aviva Friedman, can be found on the Association Directory, where she is looking forward to networking with you.
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