The Worldwide Women’s Association Recognizes Shelly Luhning


Shelly Luhning is a certified nurse educator (RN) with a master’s degree and more than 19 years’ experience in the continuing education industry. Offering over 25 years of experience in healthcare, she is currently the owner and founder of NCLEX Education and Tech 7 Auto Repair. Having owned and sold previous startups, she has a passion for business!

Shelly has developed a NCLEX preparation course for new graduates, first time writers, and repeat writers that has grown into a successful business. This program has had a tremendous success rate and is offered to RN students in Canada, the US  and worldwide who are preparing to take the NCLEX examination.

Most recently, Shelly has spent the last fourteen years teaching in the Nursing Education Program of Saskatchewan and the Saskatchewan Collaborative Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program at Saskatchewan Polytechnic and the University of Regina. She is widely recognized for her collaborative teaching and communication style, along with a particular aptitude for applying an innovation mindset to any situation. Notably, Shelly has an affinity for technology and informatics and has developed a dynamic new application for the nursing program called SNapp-Saskatchewan Nursing Application.

Shelly’s impressive business background and entrepreneurial spirit is also characterized by a former start-up, operation and sale of a successful private medical simulation company in Saskatchewan Shelly continues to work casually at the bedside, as she has a love for the Emergency Department.

Shelly has received several awards including the Saskatchewan Polytechnic Innovation award for SNapp, the Saskatchewan Healthcare Excellence Award and the Saskatchewan YWCA Women of Distinction award.

She is looking for like-minded women and entrepreneurs to learn and grow from. She also hopes to provide mentorship to women in healthcare or healthcare technology related businesses.

Worldwide Women’s Association Member, Shelly Luhning, can be found on the Association Directory, where she is looking forward to networking with you.

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