The Worldwide Women’s Association Recognizes Olga Fernanda Coimbra Costa


Olga Fernanda Coimbra Costa has enjoyed a trajectory in Information Technology for more than 30 years. This contributed to qualify her in some important leadership and negotiation competencies and also enabled her to deal with different people and different cultures. She has vast experience in managing several projects simultaneously, and many of them were very critical and with much pressure.

This year (2020) she will be responsible for Insurance Customers in Brazil, building deep client relationships and becoming a trusted advisor to C-suite leaders, driving transformation agendas. She will be responsible for being advocates for the clients and ensuring that consistently leverage the end-to-end value and capability of IBM in support of meeting the many evolving challenges they face.

She is known for “attitude linked with a strong determination and drive to achieve”, “very positive climate maker even facing stressing situations”, “recognized leadership with a strong and positive impact on people”, “high ability to work in a multicultural/multinational environment”.

Her thought is that you are an ENTIRE AND ONE person. There are not two lives as the personal and the working life, but ONE LIFE, YOUR LIFE. The sentences “when I close the door, every working problems stay outside” or “I never bring my personal problems to work” should not be true, because those problems, challenges and solutions are what makes you as a person! For her, you always “carry you whole” in whatever you do and that is what makes us so UNIQUE!

Be Equal is like a mantra for her. Even before she started to work in IBM, she used to say to her children, since they were babies: “Daddy and Mummy are the same! Never forget that! Both love you and both are responsible for you!.”

Worldwide Women’s Association Member, Olga Fernanda Coimbra Costa, can be found on the Association Directory, where she is looking forward to networking with you.
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