The Worldwide Women’s Association Recognizes Natacha Cohen


Company: Robotic Surgery Consultancy

Position: Founder


I am an expert in multi-specialty robotic surgery having first assisted in more than four thousand robotic surgeries across ten disciplines.  Over my 13 years’ operating the robot, I have had the good fortune to work side by side with the best surgeons in their respective fields.   My experience has allowed me to collaborate with my colleagues and build two world renown robotic surgery programs. Additionally, I have more than 10 years managing surgical oncology robotic programs. I was the director of the physician assistant student program at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. I am also an adjunct professor at Weill Cornell Physician Assistant Program, where I teach general surgery and surgical skills.  Currently, I am enrolled in business school at Baruch College, Zicklin School of Business.


I have transformed the productivity of the robotic programs I oversaw by creating consistency within the operating room teams and incorporating efficiency into the allocation of operating room resources. I have recruited, oriented, and trained physician assistants in multi-specialty robotic surgery and surgical oncology procedures. Furthermore, I coordinated training in multi-specialty residency and fellowship programs, and co-created pivotal policies and protocols for robotic programs at NYU and Memorial Sloan Kettering. My work on how to build a robotic surgical program has been presented at Continued Medical Education Conferences for the last three years.

I am well-respected as an innovator in this field. As a PA specializing in robotic surgery, I have witnessed the inefficiencies of improper training and inconsistencies across surgical teams first hand. I created RSC in response to my experience, expertise, and understanding of the untapped potential of robotic surgery that is currently stifled by improper training and inefficient communication across entire surgical teams.

My company equips hospitals and institutions with the essential tools to build an effective and successful world-class robotic surgery program. Robotic surgery is the present and future of surgical intervention. Streamlining, consolidating, and standardizing robotic surgery protocols are integral to its successful role in advancing global health. This is RSC’s unique expertise.

The need to maximize the potential of robotic surgery in medicine, and to simultaneously minimize the cost and inefficiency of robotic surgery, is urgent. Robotic surgery allows for minimally-invasive procedures, ultimately leading to faster and easier recovery times, reduced pain, reduced hospital stays, less financial burden, greater ambulatory ability, and so much more. However, as a patient, you want to know that if you go to the hospital for a specialized procedure, it is going to be performed with the highest level of expertise. You don’t want to learn that something went wrong because the bedside assistants or other parts of the surgical team were not trained properly in robotic-surgical procedures.

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