The Worldwide Women’s Association Recognizes Nancy Anna Blitz, MSN, RN & Reiki Master



Nancy Anna Blitz, MSN, RN & Reiki Master, is the developing founder of the Ésprit with SoZoKi Energy Self-Practice Education, based on the Ésprit With SoZoKi Six-Step Assessment & Application Process, This method guides individuals to gather personal data about the physical body (behaviors, symptoms & diagnoses)  to associate them with the energy vortex in the body based on the chakra system.

With this process one can create intentional interventions to strengthen the energy body and sustain the absolute best state of health and wellness.

Having been a practicing RN for 40 years, her most recent role was Director of Surgical Services. She made the decision to take a leap of faith and start her own business. She has dedicated the past 15 years to advancing her education and career in service and leadership. A Reiki Master for over 22 years, she created the above mentioned six-step process to assist individuals in creating their Esprit with SoZoKi Energy Self-Practice. She has published two books and is currently creating an educational course of study.

Nancy Anna Blitz is the birth and artistic name used by the author. It is as well her legal name when her first nursing degree, Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN), was earned at a community college in Southeast Alabama, and when she was awarded “Who’s Who in American Junior Colleges.” The name Nancy Blitz Ruff is the author’s professional name under which she advanced her education. First acquiring formal recognition for reaching the Reiki I and II practitioner levels, before earning the Reiki master’s degree (a certification, not an academic degree), and then spending two years reviewing the literature, balancing Western evidence-based rationale with Eastern esoteric cultural practices. Nancy worked in a collaborative university setting with a variety of chronic pain and chronic/acute anxiety patients, before returning to Western academia. She earned a bachelor’s and then master’s degree of Science in Nursing at Western Governor’s University while filling the role of an evening charge RN in the Operating Room at the University of Virginia. Nancy has held certification (CNOR) in her specialty of surgical services, has been accepted to present at the Association of periOperative Registered Nurses (AORN) International Expo, and has written a continuing education (CE) course to assist in preventing provider burnout. (rather than pursue the path of healthcare CE publication, she transformed the work into the manuscript of her second book, Ésprit with SoZoki/A Practitioner’s Manual).

Her work has taken Nancy to 25 hospitals across the United States and Hawaii. From a small rural two-room hospital to multiple large tertiary care Level I Trauma Teaching University hospitals in L.A., New Orleans, Washington D.C., Charlottesville, Virginia, and Miami, Nancy has spent 38 years observing humanity in a most vulnerable state while providing care for and comfort to both patients and colleagues. At the time of the initial publication of this book, she held the Perioperative Services Directorship, leading seven units and 120 employees who provide surgical services to the people of the Salinas Valley of California. She took six months away from healthcare to develop the Ésprit with SoZoKi Six-Step Process and Ésprit with SoZoKi Education Sessions, both essential to successful development of an energy self-practice, before returning to surgical services, this time contracted to administrate and teach a cohort of registered nurses to work in the operating rooms of their hospitals in the Silicon Valley.

Key players in her journey were her mother, Jenelle Malloy Blitz, an RN; her father Navy Lieutenant Commander Victor Edward Blitz, Sr.; her ex-husband, Dr. Mark Mosley Ruff; and still today and every day, her son, Tyler Mosley Blitz Ruff.

In her free time, she enjoys travel, reading, and continuing to learn through all life experiences.

Worldwide Women’s Association Member, MSN, RN & Reiki Master, can be found on the Association Directory, where she is looking forward to networking with you.

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Reviews about Nancy’s work:

“Nancy explains what the true path to good health is. She does it from the perspective of significant hands-on work in Western medicine and with Eastern energy systems. Her credentials are impressive. She was in scrubs for several decades, many of those years as an operating room nurse. She also applied herself to deep studies of several non-medical ways of healing, including becoming a Reiki Master. To our benefit, she reports key aspects of what she has learned in readable and comprehensible detail, so that we too can live healthier and more rewarding lives.” Tony Seton, publisher, Carmel, California



“I wonder if she knew when she began to write just how much she had to say, how richly the tapestry of her own life illustrated the stories that interweave all our human lives.” “So The Soul’s Path might best be understood as a gift, to the healers who care for the sick and injured, to any one soul seeking to rejoin the creative, loving energy that surrounds us, if we can but pause and allow it to flow freely through ourselves, in and out like our breath, healing and whole.” “It’s been a wonderful journey working on this book. I’ve learned much from Nancy’s unstoppable energy, her cheerful determination and her passion to serve. I hope I have helped to shape the book so that it will help to shape, as she intends, the lives it touches. And in the quieter moments between songs, I look forward to congratulating her on keeping the faith that SoZoKi practice can change our worlds.

Annie Becker, editor, Charlottesville, Virginia



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