The Worldwide Women’s Association Recognizes Member of the Year, Brenda Horton


Brenda Horton is a Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer at Optimum Performance.  She coaches others on their health, exercise and wellness, and in a known expert in fitness. She is responsible for helping their clients achieve their goals for physical fitness, and truly aspires to help others to become their best selves.

In addition to planning and supervising workout regimens, she coaches clients on their form during exercise and tracks their fitness and performance goals over time. Through this method, clients get to see their improvements and goal accomplishments step by step.

She attributes her success to watching the success of others. It is a joy and a motivator to help others transform and meet not only their physical fitness goals, but inner strengths as well.

Brenda has always been passionate about her own health and fitness, so this is a perfect fit for her. In her spare time she enjoys travel, reading, and being outdoors.

Worldwide Women’s Association Member of the Year, Brenda Horton, can be found on the Association Directory, where she is looking forward to networking with you.

Brenda Horton