The Worldwide Women’s Association Recognizes Marcela Lacerda


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Marcela Lacerda is a seasoned Marketing Executive.  She has over 18 years in her field, and always managed a team of very diverse professionals from different cultures and parts of the world.  She also has a very strong international experience having lived in the USA twice in her live and worked in that country once.  Since travelling and getting to know new countries and cultures has always been her passion, she developed a unique and rare style of leadership, that nowadays is known as Servant Leadership.  Basically, what this means is that Marcela is the type of leader that believes that supporting s and enabling her team is the best way for a business to succeed and keep on succeeding.   She believes in reaching the goal with people and not through people or despite people.

Marcela finished her high school in Rockford – Illinois and absolutely fell in love with the American culture.  She went back to Brazil, Graduated in Communication Studies, took an MBA in Marketing and a second one in Retail.  Lifelong learner and curious professional, she also attended Kellogg for a Branding specialization and then to MIT for a digital business strategy.

She also has a very diverse and complete professional experience.  Although she graduated in Communication Studies, Marcela started her professional career on the Sales Support team of a telecom start up.  Moved up to one of the largest Mobile companies in Brazil as a Retail Sales coordinator.  After a short while, was invited to help start the same area at a different Telecom Company, this time as the National Retail Manager.  She then got again invited to join the team of the second largest home appliances retail at the time in Brazil starting as Regional Trade Marketing Manager.  There she experienced different roles such as New Business Manager, time where she opened 42 stores of the companies sub-brand in 3 months.  She was responsible for the entire project.  That led her to join the Marketing team as the Marketing Manager responsible for a budget of over $200MM.  Budget that in local currency was one of the most relevant amounts in the country at the time. After a new experience in retail. Marcela joined a mobile manufacturer where she succeeds to the point of winning the company their first Effie awards and sky rocketing Brand awareness on the time frame she directed the Marketing team in Brazil.  With that trajectory, she was invited to run the Marketing team for this same mobile company as the Regional Director for North America where she spent 3 years.  Living and working in a different country made sense after she separated from her 8 yearlong husband.  A different scenario was all she needed at the time.

Marcela came back to Brazil with a sense of completion and hob well done in the US and started to look for something different to do where her leadership style could contribute and help the younger generation succeed and be happy. She started at International School this 2019 eager to learn more about the education business and to help others try to understand their own passion and path. Putting Marketing and English together is almost like a dream come true for this brave executive that, through her professional life, discovered that she was not only great in Marketing, but she also loved it.  Also, she found out how to be a calm problem solver that has her teams back and helps them find the answers needed for whatever issue they have.

Great and empathetic speaker, she is now also teaching and lecturing for young professionals on how to take better advantaged of their potential even when the situation is not so great. Being able to share knowledge with anyone has, in a way, always been a passion.

Worldwide Women’s Association Member, Marcela Lacerda, can be found on the Association Directory, where she is looking forward to networking with you.