The Worldwide Women’s Association Recognizes Lindsay Mills

Founder of Lindsay Mills Coaching,, Lindsay Mills is an experienced Life Coach and Adult Educator who draws upon her life and life experiences to educate others along their journey.
From a very young age, Lindsay enjoyed being reliable, dependable and of service to others. She was a part of student councils, art clubs, the school band, and always willing to volunteer her time to help others.
2001 was a year of growth for Lindsay, she began what would become her career with the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) where she has worked for the past 20 years. Most life-changing was the birth of her first son which led her into the world of adoption and brought experiences she and her family continue to experience and explore daily.
Lindsay underwent bariatric surgery in 2008 and refers to it as one of the best decisions of her life. Over the next 3 years she married, bought a house, gave birth to her second son, and separated from her partner. After the separation, Lindsay lived as a single mom working to support her family.
She met a man in 2017 who met her at every level, though the relationship itself was toxic. They continued in an unhealthy love/hate relationship for 2 years and 5 days until his passing. With the pandemic on the heels of this loss, suddenly all those experiences and many others, that she had spent her 38 years on earth avoiding, were in her face and caused a lump at the back of her throat that she couldn’t swallow. She knew deep down it was time for her to do some work!
Lindsay began her journey by reading and listening to book after book about finding her passion and achieving goals. She was listening to one of her favourite authors/motivational speakers host a live coaching session when she was gobsmacked, the participant in the coaching session was exactly like her – right down to the psychology they had both studied but not completed in university! Mel Robbins suggested to that woman that coaching might be the path for her…this sent Lindsay on a mission to learn more about coaching and just like that, she found the passion she had been looking for.
Lindsay shares her journey because she is not perfect, life is not perfect and that’s ok! When coaching and educating people she firmly believes her experiences are more important than any textbook, workshop, or course.
Lindsay has studied Psychology and is a Certified True Colors Facilitator. She is also certified by the CGLCC (Canadian Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce) as a Diversity & Inclusion facilitator, certified by Transformation Academy as a Life Coach specializing in Goal Success, Happiness and Life Purpose Coaching, and the 1st Life Coach & Adult Educator to be Rainbow Registered (
In her spare time, Lindsay enjoys travelling, spending time with her family, and learning new things.
Worldwide Women’s Association Member, Lindsay Mills, can be found on the Association Directory, where she is looking forward to networking with you.
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