The Worldwide Women’s Association Recognizes Heather Paul


Heather Paul is the Creator and Owner of Simply Silver Mouthwash, She is a dental hygienist, author, public speaker, business owner, dental consultant, wife and mom to twin girls.

Heather has been a certified biological dental hygienist and a certified registered dental hygienist for 25 years.  She grew up on farms in Minnesota and Wisconsin, but moved to Florida in the ‘80s. Her parents were hippies and loved all things natural, so that started her on a path to wellness, which she decided to pursue after one of her twin daughters had serious health problems including food allergies. It wasn’t until 2010, however, that Heather started to look into the chemicals in commercial products.

On a mission to provide patients with the cleanest, most effective oral care products on the market, Heather created Simply Silver Mouthwash, Toothpaste, and Breath Spray.  In addition, she has two pet products, floss and a multivitamin line. Heather is the author of The Great Tooth Deception and Dentistry for Dummies, a public speaker, practicing clinician, personal dental consultant, wife, and mom to beautiful twin daughters.  She resides in Tampa, FL and loves spending time with her family and the beach.

Passionate about her work, Heather credits her success to God, dedication, drive and perseverance. She looks forward to connecting with likeminded professionals.

Worldwide Women’s Association Member, Heather Paul, can be found on the Association Directory, where she is looking forward to networking with you.

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