The Worldwide Women’s Association Recognizes Dr. Tanya Kyriakidou


Advisor To The Chairman Of Th.P.A. at Thessaloniki  Port Authority SA.  She in charge of R & D for new Investment and Funding opportunities. G. Manager and Co-founder in Real Queens Ltd a consulting company. Prior, she worked for the European Commission for integration, the consumer society, and integrity and Green Sports. She worked for the Coca Cola company in Chicago. She excels in logistics, new product and service development, international relations, advisory, management, development of institutions and project coordination.

She holds a doctorate in marketing management from State University of San Diego  in 1993, a masters degree in management from the State University of Illinois in 1991, a bachelors degree in physical education 1984, and a degree in economics from a university in Athens. She is a Member of the  European Society for Standardization, Scholarship Association, President of Asteri NGO and President of HFUW, Hellenic Federation Urban Wheels. She is the founder of Thessaloniki Shoe Museum.

On the horizon, she would like to serve as a Mayor in her city. She credits her success to her stability on goals, continuing education and perseverance. She keeps a diary of the problems and obstacles she faces and tries to solve one each day. Believes in Team Work and volunteering.

Worldwide Women’s Association Member, Dr. Tanya Kyriakidou, can be found on the Association Directory, where she is looking forward to networking with you.
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