The Worldwide Women’s Association Dr. Manel Chikh


Serial entrepreneur Dr. Manel Chikh has dedicated the last 20 years to improving the lives of oncology and chronic disease patients worldwide, revolutionizing the healthcare industry in a myriad of ways and in many multinational pharmaceutical companies.

Three-time entrepreneur, teacher, speaker, board member and consultant within Healthcare, Manel is a leading international figurehead in the industry. She kick-started her entrepreneurial life with Zaphyr Pharmaceuticals in 2013 – a company making highly-specialized, high-quality medicine available to patients with cancer and rare chronic diseases in the Middle East and Africa (MEA) region. She is also a teacher and Executive member on several boards e.g. My Simple Pharma dedicated to protecting families at home from medication misuse. She founded the healthcare consultancy company Curogen to support foreign companies in elaborating their commercial, market access, regulatory strategy and operational plan for the MEA region and finally, My Bubble health, a medical technology company focusing on newborns, children and young adults, which mission is to use state of the art artificial intelligence, engineering and deep technology to develop a unique set of tools to monitor health, prevent serious illnesses, ensuring an effective tailored follow-up and reinforcing the connection with parents and family.

Manel constantly shares her know-how and experience in healthcare, entrepreneurship and self-development on many platforms and in international conferences, eg. CPHI, The Economist, Global Women club.; as well as in universities. She contributed to the launch and success of the Master Pharmaceutical Marketing from the University Paris-Saclay, ranked 2nd best Marketing Master in France in 2021.

She is an ambassador of the Womanity Foundation, which mission is to accelerate gender equality through innovative investments. Lately, Manel co-founded with the French deputy Mrs Amelia Lakrafi, a foundation named La FIBRE (Bienfaisance et entraide), which mission is to support the French associations worldwide involved in local charity and mutual aid, and by that help all the communities around the world and strengthen the connection between France and the countries they live in.

Worldwide Women’s Association Member, Dr. Manel Chikh, can be found on the Association Directory, where she is looking forward to networking with you.
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