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    • Title : Director of Real Estate and Leasing

      Company Name: VetStrategy

      Industry : Real Estate

    • Location : Toronto,ON,Canada

    • Title : Owner/Author/Consultant

      Company Name: Innergetics LLC

      Industry : Health, Wellness and Fitness

    • Location : Long Lake,MN,United States

      Specialty : Weight and Body Image Consultant

    Biography :

    For over five decades, Shirley Billigmeier has been a beacon of guidance, empowerment, and transformation in the realm of holistic wellness. A coach, teacher, author, speaker, and body image specialist, she has dedicated her life to helping individuals of all ages and backgrounds overcome their struggles with food and eating. With an academic foundation that […]

    • Title : Realtor, Real Estate Consultant

      Company Name: eXP

    • Location : Calgary, AB, Canada

      Specialty : Residential Real Estate, Helping Families find their homes to grow and love.

    Biography :

    Kia Bhaidani is a real estate professional proudly serving Calgary and surrounding neighbourhoods. Born in Calgary and Alberta-raised, Kia’s roots run deep, giving her an intimate understanding of the local real estate landscape. With an impressive 11-year background as a therapist in mental health, Kia brings a unique perspective to the real estate industry, demonstrating […]

    • Title : Business Owner

      Company Name: Newsome Professional Tax Services

      Industry : Accounting

    • Location : Apollo Beach,FL,United States

      Specialty : Tax Preparation, Accounting

    Biography :

    Falicia Newsome is a seasoned entrepreneur and the visionary behind Newsome Notary and Professional Tax Services. With over a decade of specialized expertise in tax preparation and business consulting, Falicia has solidified her reputation as a trusted advisor and leader in her industry. Since the establishment of her business in 2014, Falicia has been unwavering […]

    • Title : Best-Selling Author, Ayurvedic Doctor, Acharya, Fitness Trainer, and Mind-Body Spiritual Coach committed to helping women light their lives on fire.

      Company Name: The Woman Warrior Academy

      Industry : Health, Wellness and Fitness

    • Location : Boise,ID,United States

      Specialty : Ayurvedic Medicine, Vedic Sciences, Fitness Training, Spriritual Development + Coaching

    Biography :

    Dr. Satyavani Gayatri is a Best-Selling Author, Ayurvedic Health Practitioner, Acharya, Fitness Trainer, and Mind-Body Spiritual Leader committed to helping women light their lives on fire. Her signature program, The Ayurvedic Woman, reconnects women to their personal power so they can know who they truly are, what their life purpose is, and how to manifest […]