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  • Title : President

    Company Name: Luxury Diamonds NYC

    Location : New York,NY,United States

    Biography :

    Manisha Patel is President of Luxury Diamonds NYC. With an unyielding passion for fashion design that has spanned over two decades, she has honed her exceptional skills and unrivaled expertise in the realm of diamond and jewelry design. Since assuming the role of President at Luxury Diamonds NYC in 2000, Manisha Patel has consistently displayed an unwavering dedication to crafting extraordinary collections of affordable jewelry. Her creations are characterized by a seamless fusion of exquisite design and budget-based customization, resulting in truly exceptional pieces tailored to the unique tastes and preferences of her clients. Driven by her grand aspirations, Manisha adheres to a design ethos that not only defines but also celebrates the captivating allure of her bespoke creations. With meticulous attention to even the smallest details of design precision and an unwavering commitment to meeting the precise demands of her discerning clientele, her jewelry embodies the enigmatic elegance that diamonds possess. Her designs ingeniously harness the immense energy of these precious gemstones, presenting them as stunning embodiments of uncommon creativity and graceful beauty. She makes sure every reliction of beauty and commitment is spent giving back to the community. A percentage of each sale goes towards keeping the world’s children safe, such that indirectly, my customers are giving back as well. I also volunteer charity work at UNICEF, the Indian Heritage Society and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, the latter both of which have graciously recognized my modest efforts with awards. To explore Manisha Patel’s remarkable creations and experience the allure of Luxury Diamonds NYC, visit their website at

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