The Worldwide Women’s Association Recognizes Sarah Genequand-Miche

The Worldwide Women’s Association Recognizes Sarah Genequand-Miche

Sarah Genequand MicheSarah Genequand-Miche is CEO Lyra Wealth SA, a wealth management company dedicated to achieving clients’ financial goals and helping plan for a strong financial future. Her areas of expertise are governance and audit of legal structures. With in-depth knowledge and over ten years of experience, she ensures the safety and the wealth protection of clients. Helping people regain control over their bank is her specialty. With over 10 years of financial experience, she regularly oversees the 2nd review of the portfolios: identification of strengths & weaknesses, compare historical performance, cost analysis, concrete advice for improvement & cost reduction.

A Geneva native, Sarah graduated from the Graduate Institute of International Studies in Geneva with a Master’s degree. Four years later, she obtained the STEP Diploma in International Trust Management. In 2003, Sarah began her professional career in the Trust business with Cititrust (Switzerland) SA, then with Barclaytrust (Swiss) SA where she worked as Trust Officer. Next, she joined Alexandre and Trevor at Lyra. Sarah is fluent in French and English

All this is achieved with Lyra’s unique philosophy, which Sarah shares.  Her guiding principle is based on the idea that collaboration must take into account the interests of both parties in order to support mutual and harmonious growth.  She believes that what we do goes beyond advising clients on investments. For Sarah, each person is unique, with his or her own history and goals. That’s why she takes the time to build, together with you, a plan that is tailored to you, to help you make the important decisions.  She works in close coordination with a number of independent experts. This allows us to guarantee that all your needs will be handled optimally.   Furthermore, in order to guarantee the objectivity of her advice, Sarah does not work on a commission basis.  She is a rare fee-only advisor.

When not at work Sarah can be found in her home city of Geneva.  She loves to read, ski, horseback riding and spend time with family.

Worldwide Women’s Association Member Sarah Genequand-Miche can be found in the Association Directory, where she is looking forward to networking with you.

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