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  • Title : Director - Founder

    Company Name: Art Bond Agency

    Location : Geneva ,Switzerland

    Specialty : EntrepreneurshipHumanitarianCommunicationsProject Management Marketing Events

    Biography :

    Carine is the Founder and Director of Art Bond Agency and a passionate believer in the social capital of art. She considers art and creativity central to positive change in society. A Swiss national, she has had a long and illustrious 15-year career in the hospitality industry working at some of the most prestigious, landmark luxury hotels and resorts in Europe, China and Africa (where she spend almost 10 years). Her corporate stint in some of the most luxurious settings in the world made her acutely conscious of the paradox and wide disparity that often co-exists with guests enjoying the comforts of five star hotels in the most exotic places whilst many in the local community suffer daily with poverty and deprivation.
    This led her to make the move and join the non profit sector. She was Managing Director at BE Health Association a non-profit organisation with headquartered in Geneva offering CSR solutions to companies in the areas of prevention of infectious diseases (HIV/Aids, Malaria & Tuberculose). Carine actively lead managed the organisational efforts globally, with deep rooted interests and activities in Africa and Asia, for five years.
    Through her extensive travel, she met brilliant artists and people with exceptional skills and made her realize something was missing between the corporate sector and art community.
    The creation of Art Bond is a culmination of her experience and her interest in art and its ability to bond and nurture relationships and have a social impact. By encouraging the corporate, public and private sector to be more involved in the culture of arts appreciation, she believes unseen artists will find a voice of self-expression which the corporate world could learn from.
    Carine is an eternal optimist, a dynamic and inspired entrepreneur whose interest in art and culture has made her a travel enthusiast leading her on various adventures and exploration of places, cities and cultures. She is a passionate about photography, a keen polo player and a talented equestrian.

    In the next three to five years, Carine plans to continue with Art Bond Agency, promoting artists and giving them a voice. She credits her success to keeping an open mind, her kindness and hard work. Carine is looking forward to networking and connecting with other like-minded professionals, and to gaining the recognition and credibility of being a member of the Worldwide Women’s Association.

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